GAIA – Metals and Electronics Recycling Services

"Gaia" – is a leading company in the field of Recycling Metals and Electronics Refuse, and focuses upon the reduction of one of the principal sources of pollution in Israel.

Our company specializes in purchasing, collecting, recycling and sorting metals and used electronic products.


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27 Amal Street, Kiryat Arieh, Petach Tikva
Post Office Box 3176
Zip code 49513

Marketing -1-800-800-878
Haimov Stanislav: 054-7876011
Fax: 972-3-9218202

Sunday – Thursday 8:00-18:00
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Our company has two principal ways of functioning:

• Intake of refuse at our branches spread around the country

• Clearing out refuse from factories and various institutions


The "Gaia" Company has been in the marketplace since 2005 and specializes in the process of removing materials from the flow of refuse and sending them for use as raw materials for the manufacture of new products.

We provide service to factories, institutions, individuals and different organizations in Israel and abroad. We understand ourselves to be a stable and reliable company, and we try to fulfill with exactitude the full responsibilities and the missions we take upon ourselves.

Today there are five branches of our company situated throughout Israel that are ready to purchase your refuse!

Our company takes in refuse from all parts of the country, concentrates and prepares it for the process of separation and sorting. Furthermore, there is the possibility of one of our representatives arriving at your site to negotiate an arranged price offer for cooperation.

Our company believes in getting out messages that raise the awareness of the danger to the environment that stands before us, and the great importance of recycling.

The process of separation and sorting of the refuse is done with approval of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Today "Gaia" is responsible for a considerable portion of the recycling of household and institutional refuse in Israel. With the help of your cooperation we can increase the percentage of recycling in this country and in the world, and create a cleaner place for the next generations.

Recycling is one of the ways of dealing with refuse and reducing the quantity and the volume of what we bury in the ground. What can be recycled? Instead of throwing materials into the garbage – they can be used as raw materials for the manufacture of new products.

In Israel most of the refuse is buried in garbage dumps. The problem is that these sites are filling up, and in a few years there will be no room for burying refuse!